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Celebrity Corner

  • Blake Koch, NASCAR Driver

    Just picked up my new Calabria Watch today, coolest watch I have ever seen. The watches look awesome!





















  • Nash Overstreet, Guitar & Vocals - Hot Chelle Rae 


    For me, Calabria is a great blend of style and durability. I'd been on a hunt for a watch that I could wear on as well as off stage. They look great, with the hint of carbon fiber and accents of color here and there; but they're tough too. If I run around stage and work up a sweat, the rubber strap isn't going to end up ruined, and if I pour a bottle of water over my head, I don't have to think about if my watch is ok.  As I become more and more of a snob, the Swiss movement is definitely one of the most important factors. This watch holds up, keeps great time, feels good, and looks great on your wrist. 






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